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General News


Editorial: Where are the “Stolen” 21 Gold Bars Recovered from Shaanxi and Where are the Suspects?

On June 1, 2021, three people said to be workers of Shaanxi Mining Company, a Chinese firm now referred to as Earl International Group...

Editorial: Lawyers, Clients in Silent Pain under a Judicial Service that Cares Little

There is a pain that has been around for many years within Ghana’s judicial system. The pain is felt by only lawyers and their...


Comrade Augustine Mmi-Oni Guure Writes: The 24-Hour Economy Policy and its Benefits to the Wobbling Ghanaian Economy

Implementing a 24-hour economy policy with a three-shift system in Ghana could potentially address various economic challenges, including unemployment and positive micro indicators. Here’s...

Slow Down and be Patient with Life

If You Are Looking For Wealth, Somebody else Is Looking For Health. If You Are Looking For Health, Somebody else Just Dièd. If You are Looking...


Small-scale miner who wants to unseat medical doctor in Nabdam pauses campaign for champagne

The parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for Nabdam, Charles Taleog Ndanbon, has been waging a spirited campaign to unseat Dr Mark...

Impact Stories

From Forest to Faculty: How a Nabdam shepherd girl became a university dean

Long before homes in her village were connected to the national grid, Vida Nyagre Yakong had set out early in life as a very...


Struggles of a forsaken Bongo boy wasting away in left-over wheelchairs

Soon after Jeremiah Adimazoya Mba learnt how to walk as a little child, he was suddenly taken ill and never got back on his...


Did you Know?

The UEFA Champions League Anthem is composed of 3 languages

The lyrics of the UEFA Champions League anthem are a mix of English, French and German. Tony Britten, a British composer, adapted the music...

Forgotten Stories

Neglected nurse ‘angry with God’ after losing his leg through Shaanxi auto-crash

A young nurse who lost his leg after a Toyota Land Cruiser owned by China’s mining firm, Earl International...

Angry prison officers accuse Ghana’s President, Interior Minister of exposing public to danger

A number of prison officers in Ghana are boiling with rage openly against President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Minister for the Interior,...


Tomorrow's Event

Closing the Hole in Earth’s Roof: Tomorrow— September 16— is Ozone Day

In simple words, ozone is a gas. It has no odour. It has no colour. It is made up of three oxygen atoms. It...