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Citizen not Spectator

Stealing from the Sick: Hospital fortifies medicine storeroom after 2 years of thefts

The storeroom where the medicines of the Upper East Regional Hospital are kept is currently receiving a burglarproof remodeling to prevent further thefts. Drugs continually went missing in massive quantities...

Search for Peace

Source: Roxana Jones.

The Power of Long-Term Vision

Confucius (551-479 BCE) was a Chinese philosopher, teacher and politician. He is known as the first teacher in his native country who wanted to...

Democracy in Africa Today

Source: Unknown.

The Rich and the Poor

Source: Unknown.

A Grammar Lesson

Source: Rene Nkenyi

Decency Vrs Plainness

Source: Unknown.

Cartoon: A Beckon to Terror

Peace promoters and security watchers have consistently warned that the conflict in Bawku may draw violent extremists to Ghana from nearby Burkina Faso. ...

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