Honkani Writes: CONSCIENCE

Paul Honkani is a published author.

We are all trapped on this planet! Nothing leaves, nothing comes.

The trees, rock, sea and man are all alike

We are all offspring of Nature— 

with man being the topmost of species blessed with conscience

And as trees, rock and sea operate,

Being there so other species may live—they don’t live for themselves 

In turn, they also survive by relying on other species

So is the rule of Nature

We live not for ourselves

Our mother, the planet from which all are born and are a part of,

Has the greatest conscience

The conscience of man is nothing but a grain of oryza sativa (rice) in an ocean,

Vis-à-vis the conscience of Nature 

Woe therefore befalls that man who obeys not

The Law of Nature

For the Mother of all conscience would shake yea off,

As body gets rid of toxins

And the circle goes on.

Paul Honkani, a published author and philosopher.

By: Paul Honkani.

Inspired by a conversation with the November Man

@2023 All rights Reserved



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