“We couldn’t visit beer bars but now we’ve developed tummies”— NPP’s Nasara Coordinator hails Bawumia’s policy

Inset: Isaah Layaame. Background: Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia at a recent campaign gathering in Talensi.

The Nasara Coordinator of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Talensi Constituency, Issah Layaame, has spoken very well of how a policy he said Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia introduced has made it possible for his fellow natives to patronise beer bars and grow their tummies.

The nasara coordinator, who also works as a small-scale miner in the constituency, made the remarks while voicing a concern on behalf of his fellow indigenous small-scale miners when the vice president visited Gban, a gold-mining suburb of Talensi, last Friday to beg small-scale miners in the area for votes.

Bawumia’s visit, featuring a number of NPP big shots, formed part of his recent campaign tour of the Upper East region as the NPP’s presidential candidate ahead of the December general elections.

The vice president and his entourage at the campaign gathering in Talensi.

“Dr. Bawumia, your policy is on point. Way back in 1992, we were hungry in the north. Only the elites who were working with the government could buy bottled beer and drink. We salute Dr. Bawumia. His policy is good. It was difficult even to go to a pito (locally brewed beer) bar.

“Before then, we could go to Mamprugu and labour. But now, because of the gold mining, we have developed tummies. The policy of Bawumia is good. But what remains now is that the whole Upper East has been given for large-scale mining. We are pleading with him to get portions of the land for the small-scale miners so that we can also benefit from his policies,” he stated in the Talen language.

Let’s support Bawumia for bungalows and cars in return— Nasara Coordinator

The policy the nasara coordinator was referencing has remained unclear to many small-scale miners who had expected a non-partisan member from their fold to speak on their behalf at the gathering.

But he went on to say “the good policy” would also enable small-scale miners living in mud houses to put up residential structures made of concrete blocks.

NPP’s Nasara Coordinator for Talensi Constituency, Issah Layaame.

“Your policy is actually on point. The reason is that, in the entire Upper East, who are you to think that you can build a block house? We are all in a mud house, but because of the gold and the policy of Bawumia, today it is changing.

“We are going to help him. But we urge Bawumia to come well so that we can support him so that we can also put up bungalows and be in vehicles or cars,” he said.

Click the audio above to listen to the nasara coordinator’s comments.

Bawumia promises to turn small-scale miners into millionaires

Addressing the gathering, the vice president promised to help the small-scale miners to become millionaires.

He also told them a new policy would be introduced where traditional leaders and district mining committees would be part of a mining licence committee authorised to ensure everything worked well for small-scale miners.

Dr. Bawumia and the NPP’s parliamentary candidate for Talensi, Robert Ayinenaba Alibo.

“I want all of you to get money, to get more money. Is that not so? Small-scale miners, I’m going to help you to get more money. I’m going to help all of you to become millionaires, Ghana millionaires, so that all you will get money and if you get money, all of us will enjoy it.

“From now on, we are going to focus on gold. Wherever we identify gold, we are not going to allow any White man to be involved. It’s going to be one-hundred percent concessions to the people of Ghana and we are going to give it to our people so that we can use it to develop our country,” Bawumia said in Mampruli, his own mother tongue understood by a section of the Talensi natives who generally speak Talen.  

Vice president begs for votes

Bawumia brought his campaign message to a close with a plea for support from the small-scale miners at the upcoming general elections.

A section of the gathering at the event.

“The policy is that all the concessions identified as gold-mining areas will be given to communities for mining purposes and all the concessions would be given to our people. For this reason, I want to help you. The people are cheating us.

“I want to help you so that you can help me. When you help me to win the election, you will see how I can also help you. So, come out and talk to yourselves, knowing that I’m bringing a new policy to make sure that all the gold is for us,” he stated.

Click to listen to the vice president’s statement at the campaign gathering.

Source: Edward Adeti/Media Without Borders/mwbonline.org/Ghana


  1. See Bawuliar should note that Ghanaians are aware of his desperate attempt to be President and he’s ready to do anything, but we will make sure his useless dream never sees the light of the day


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