Literary Piece: “Chimpanzee”

Paul Honkani, a published author.

However beautifully dressed we may appear,

No matter how glowing our skin may be

However superior we deem ourselves in society. 

We are never better than a chimpanzee – for we face the same fate

The difference resides in our ability to use the power of conscience

And that would be the factor of distinction between the Sapien and the Gorilla.

Yes, we may have had the sweetest of wine and the most preferred of food

Likewise does the chimpanzee enjoy its habitat.

Yet some chimpanzees influence society positively

And a whole lot other organisms do.

Good news is,

Anyone reading this isn’t 

Unless you want to be.

By: Paul Honkani, a philosopher and published author.

@2023 All rights reserved



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